Proudly presenting photographer Ellinor Hall
Ellinor Hall.
Vivid moments
Photography has been part of Ellinor Hall's life and imagination ever since she was a little girl. From the age of seven, Ellinor knew she wanted to be a photographer.

In particular, Ellinor aims to portray the non-perfect, which is liberating in the world of stock photography. Her imagery is as rich and varied as her motifs. Ellinor photographs everything from melancholy still lifes and tempting food images to vibrant scenes of people.

If you are tired of stereotypical images, Ellinor Hall will be just right for you. Take a closer look at Ellinor's warm and human images at Johnér.
Close-up baby.
Happy girl.
A white cat.
Photographing food.
Baby in a bath.
Wind turbines.
Father and son.
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