Proudly presenting photographer Malcolm Hanes
Malcolm Hanes.
"All I want to do is take good photos."
Malcolm Hanes' whole professional life has revolved around photography. He has been working as a photographer for nearly 40 years and what sets Hanes apart is his photographic skills and the breadth of motifs. Or, expressed in his own words: "All I want to do is take good photos. If someone were to ask me to photograph some piglets tomorrow I would love doing that."

Sailing is a big part of Hanes' life, which can also been seen in his images with us. Hanes has published several acclaimed books on the subject in Sweden. Hanes is a photographer who is driven by sheer joy and a passion for photography. Check out his images!
City view.
Portrait, girl
Woman doing yoga.
Hands holding shells.
Father and son having fun in the sea.
Portrait of woman wearing a hat.
Portrait of a girl.
Man on a city walk.