Proudly presenting Hasse Bengtsson
Hasse Bengtsson.
A good picture needs no words. You feel it!
That's what our photographer, Hasse Bengtsson, says. With one leg placed in documentary reporting photography, and the other in commercial picture advertising, Hasse's pictures breeds a nice hybrid from the best of both worlds. Trustworthy pictures with an edge and beautiful lighting!

Hasse's range and experience means that his motives vary with freshness. Every now and again, he brings awesome and inspiring travel pictures, and in the next moment, we receive an amazing portrait. And we have handpicked a few samples for you.
 Fire in front of gazebo.
Portrait of boy making a funny face.
Man with dog on four-wheeler vehicle.
Thermos, sweet buns and mugs.
Portraits of twins.
View upwards from sewer.
Boy playing.
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