Proudly presenting photographer Lieselotte van der Meijs
Lieselotte van der Meijs.
People - with a silver lining
Liselotte van der Meijs is one of our dream photographers that we have be wanting to work with for a long time. And now since a few months, we have her pictures in our collections.

We think you'll appreciate Liselotte's images as much as we do. She is a photographer that can really nail it and depict everyday life so it works for both advertising and in an editorial context.

Liselotte's images show people in their daily life, on holidays and special occasions - but always with a twist that adds beauty and ambience to the images. This is what we mean by "silver lining". So if you're looking for pictures of real people don't miss Liselotte's images.
Girl standing on jetty.
Portrait mature couple.
Highschool kids.