Proudly presenting Malin Mörner
Malin Mörner.
Instagram comet, erstwhile financial analyst and a new photographer with us
Malin Mörner is a risk analyst who became bored with the finance industry and switched to photography. Her instagram account @poppyloveyou has 14,000 followers, and whenever she publishes an image she gets over a thousand likes within minutes. She is also a very sought-after photographers for both commercial and editorial projects.

What Mörner manages to successfully communicate in her images is playfulness, cheekiness and love. She works with a glint in her eye and loves to capture the unexpected, whether this be joy or moments of contemplation and gravity.

Mörner is one of our new photographers this spring, and her images are just starting to appear on our website, ready to use. Her motifs revolve around still lifes, food and people in equal measure, always portrayed with a sense of muffled moodiness and atmosphere.
Portrait of woman.
Preganant woman.
Happy father.