Proudly presenting photographer Lena Öritsland
Lena Öritsland.
Sea and people
That Lena Öritsland lives on the coast clearly comes across in her images. The sea and the Swedish archipelago are ever-present elements in many of Öritsland's images at Johnér. As is the presence of people. Öritsland often portrays middle aged or older people, an age group that many of our clients ask for.

Öritsland trained at Konstfack, the most prestigious college of arts, crafts and design in Sweden, and her camera is a constant companion. According to Öritsland, the best thing about her job is contact with people she perhaps would never have met otherwise. Öritsland's dream assignment would be a tourist office commission to photograph the cliffs and sea she loves so much.
Father and child.
Two women trekking.
Portrait of woman.
Swedish archipelago.
Old woman.
Children in a boat.
Portrait of woman.
Portrait of man.
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