Per-Magnus Persson in action
Per Magnus Persson in action.
We present Per Magnus Persson
Per Magnus Persson has been with Johnér right from the start, and he continues to be one of our most prominent photographers. According to him, his favourite motifs are of people, still life and interiors, but those of us who consider his images from afar would describe them as portrayals of the good life. Images that makes us dream.

Per Magnus Persson was a 24-year-old assistant to Irving Penn in New York. One of the most important lessons he learned from that time is that one should always prepare carefully for the assignment, and then take each day as it comes with a smile.
Per Magnus recalls a memory of Irving Penn's Studio in New York:
"We were taking portrait photographs of actor Donald Sutherland, and Mr. Penn and Mr. Sutherland's stylist fussed about the hairstyle. Penn wanted a wilder style, while the stylist wanted an orderly, well-groomed and handsome look. Penn ruffled the hair, causing the stylist to rush over there with a comb to fix the hair straight and neat. Penn finally won the somewhat strange battle regarding the placement of Sutherland's locks, with the slightly weary actor taking his side. So the result was a picture in Vogue with a tussled look."
We have put together a selection with some of our favourite photos taken by Per Magnus. Click on any of the images below to see the selections.
Flippers on boardwalk.
Woman and a glass of juice.