Proudly presenting Anna Roström
Anna Roström.
Anna Roström has a rising career with us
Photographer Anna Roström, has quickly become a customer favourite. She has not been with Johnér for very long, but Anna has already submitted almost 1,000 images, so there are a lot to choose from for those who like Anna's work.

The explanation for Anna's success is simple; her favourite subjects are people and her photos exude positivity and joy. It really shines through! Have you noticed how many of her models are laughing and smiling? We know from personal experience that it happens as soon as you meet Anna.

As inspiration, we have selected a really good series featuring office pictures, and further selections showing the joy in Anna's pictures. Bright, light and delicate! Click on any of the photos to view the selections.
Woman and a horse.
A young family.
Father and child.