Proudly presenting Hannes Söderlund
Hannes Söderlund.
Light takes the leading role
The importance of light for photographers can never be overstated, and never has this been more the case than for Hannes Söderlund.

His imagery feels incredibly contemporary and is suffused with a special color tone that comes from his penchant for letting light play the leading role whatever the motif.

Hannes is an in-demand photographer in the world of advertising. He recently also shot Sweden's stellar football star Zlatan Ibrahimovic and documented the famous DJ Steve Angello's world tour.

Hannes' motifs at Johnér include nature, skiing, urban environments and people - a collection of images all of the same high quality and guaranteed to take your message to the next level.
Cityscape, evening.
Woman taking a selfie.
Cityscape, evening.
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