ima197418, View of lake at sunset
Mikael Svensson
Mikael Svensson
"I don't need to go far to find the clean, simple and graphic motifs I am seeking. A lot of it has to do with time. Sooner or later, the perfect lighting and moment comes around. It's not by luck or coincidence, it's through dedication."

That is how Mikael Svensson describes his job as a nature and landscape photographer. It all started during his years in the beautiful Grövelsjö mountains. He was fascinated by the ever-changing nature of the mountains and has since found his motifs in the treasure trove that nature has to offer.

But Mikael has not only contributed beautiful images of nature to Johnér's extensive image bank. When Mikael strives for change, he ventures out into the swarming cityscape to find new motifs.

Looking for nature, outdoor or travel images? Then you don't want to miss our favorite images from Mikael. Also check out our Instagram account @johnerimages - Mikael will be taking over this week.
ima196525, Hiker in mountains
ima181423, Tent on rocks
ima183229, Boy cycling
ima200159, View of suspension bridge
ima169656, Man standing at lakeshore in winter
ima199115, Aerial view of city at night
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