Proudly presenting Juliana Wiklund
Juliana Wiklund.
Enthusiastic photographer with a heart of gold
Juliana Wiklund is a much loved and skilled photographer who specialises in photographing children and families. Her trademark is warm and happy images of people who communicate their feelings and presence in an authentic way.

Juliana has adopted an emerging portrait-based photographic genre that celebrates and emphasises the importance of a relationship - The Beloved Technique - that she also teaches. The technique is all about capturing genuine feelings in photographs, and this really shines through in Juliana's images.

Alongside her everyday work, Juliana runs a charity project called Butterflies of Love. The charity is dedicated to families with young children where one family member suffers from a life threatening illness. By taking photographs of the family, Juliana creates images that show the love there is in the family. If the worst were to happen and the family member is lost, the memory of these strong ties lives on in her photographs, which can act as consolation e.g. to very small children who otherwise might never remember their mother or father.
Mother and baby.
Boy playing in tree.
Family portrait.
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