Welcome to Pia Ulin's universe
Slow living in its best form
According to Pia Ulin, she has always been taking photographs. But it was a photography course in her hometown in Sundsvall, Sweden, that really got her interest going. Perhaps we could thank her parents' sauna that Pia became a photographer. They let her put in a dark room in the family's sauna and she had a free hand to do whatever she liked with it. Today, Pia works with customers like IKEA, Elle, Condé Nast Traveller and H&M, and has a studio in Brooklyn.

Pia has a special capacity to focus on and get the best out of indoor environments and objects. She has a very special attenuated color scale in her images that are in contrast to the garish and loud. Her images bear all the traces of her way of interpreting different types of light and her love for subtle tones. Slow living in its best form.

Hello Pia! What does photography mean to you?

"At first it was just a natural way of expressing myself. I liked exploring the medium. But after working as a photography assistant for a year, I went to the International Center of Photography in New York and after that it all just happened on the fly. Since then I've been able to make a living doing what I love to do."

Have you got a favorite motif?

"No... For me, photography is about light and composition. That's what I'm fascinated by, regardless of whether I'm shooting furniture, portraits or landscapes."

Are there other photographers that have inspired you?

"Yes, Francois Hallard, Franceca Woodman, Tim Walker and Tierney Gearon, for example."

What is your creative process like?

"It's not very complicated, actually. I arrive at a location and work with what's there, in daylight only!"

Can you tell us something about your latest project?

"I've just started teaching in workshops - I get inspired and feel energized from it. As a participant in the workshops you get to test, experiment with and compose images under my guidance. "We travel to fantastic places, for example just recently we went to an old Citroën factory in Barcelona. It was unbelievably exciting!"

What do you think Johnér's customers will like about your images?

"Perhaps, that they aren't the typical imagery that many think about when they hear the words, "stock photo". My images have an authenticity, a realness in them that I believe makes them different and refreshing."

Lastly, have you got any tips for our readers? Anything at all?

"More and more people are exploring Brooklyn - where I live - so maybe a restaurant tip would be good. Go to Prime Meats, 465 Court Street. Fantastic meat and sausage meals made the German way."

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