Don't shrink your message!
Reaching the target group in our scrolling society places new demands on the images you select. Because it is the picture that can make the reader pause the scrolling process and notice your message. Once you have captured your readers' attention, what else should you consider?
In this and the next newsletter, we will devote some extra attention to digitalization. First up is our interview with Frida Hellgren of Carat, one of Sweden's largest media agencies. Carat works with strategic consultation in all media to ensure that customers get the maximum benefit from their media investments. You won't want to Miss Frida's comments and advice!
Frida Hellgren, senior online specialist
Hi Frida! Can you describe your job for us?
"I help our clients find quality digital solutions for their communication. Mainly purchased solutions, but today it is increasingly important that customers consider all custom digital channels as well."

Why is it important to think digitally in communication?

"Because our society is digital. Media is no longer limited, our way of life has changed. We need to be where our clients' audiences are, on their terms, and offer what they want."
When doing advertising that must fit different screens, how should we think to create a successful campaign?
"Try to think about what mood the recipient is likely in when they receive advertising on different platforms and at different times. Is it fast or slow, when you want to present different messages and what might be required of the recipient? You're probably in a completely different mood when you listen to your favorite podcasts riding the bus on the way home to when you quickly scroll through a news site."

What do you think makes a digital campaign successful?

"When it is based on what attracts the target audience, rather than what message the advertiser wants to get out. Then of course, we are obviously volatile in our media usage. We need to think about the communication working on all platforms together while doing different jobs."
What role do images play in digital campaigns?

"A large role. We consume so much today that small adjustments in the copy are often less important because the images speak so loudly. Take Instagram as an example, it is the images we notice."

What type of images or imagery do you think work well in digital communications and digital messages?

"Humor, personality and stylistic cohesiveness in one and the same concept."
What do you think is important to consider when creating ads for mobile devices?
"That mobile phones are very personal and it is therefore even more important to keep it relevant. It's a small screen but you also use the entire surface and can get good impact."

"We know that mobile devices are a good trigger for creating engagement, if we do it correctly. In addition, it's geographically steerable, which opens great possibilities to the offline world, and to communicate at exactly the right time, for example, when someone physically passes a particular store."
What should we think about when working with cross-media campaigns, one channel must surely then become the main channel?

"When working with cross-media campaigns, where digital media interplays with printed media, the channel closest and most important for the target audience should be the foundation for building the campaign."
What makes a banner successful? What works right now?
"Click-throughs are increasingly uninteresting. We want the audience to remain on the banner, it may be more like a mini site where we want to create engagement directly with the banner. Or create an experience or feeling for a brand that is usually done via moving content."
Is there a common trap that is easy to fall into when creating digital campaigns?
"When you start with what you want out of a campaign instead of listening to what the audience wants and appreciates. Also perhaps an over-reliance on people's time and engagement. Not making entry-level commitment levels too high is important to keep in mind."

Recently advertising opportunities were rolled out on Instagram. What do you think will be important regarding relevance in that channel?

"It is important to bring something to people's flow on the basis of how the brand is communicated. Don't think only about sales but more about brand building and relationships with their audience over time."
Mårten Johnér.
Images not only inspire, images sell  

Our brain works in such a way that we can pass on reading text but we can't avoid looking at an image. That is why images work so well when it comes to capturing the attention of your target group.

Especially good are images that are optimized for your context and what they are set to communicate. But it is possible to find common features that allow the images to work well digitally.

We asked Johnér's creative director Mårten Johnér to share his best advice for getting the maximum effect from your image selections for digital channels.

Mårten Johnér's tips

• When looking for images in an image bank, certain images will catch your eye when scrolling through a search. That gives you an indication of a good image if it manages to stand out among 50 others on a page.

• Many people use their mobile device to look at digital content. Choose colorful images that are clean and graphic in composition for the best effect on the mobile phone.

• Have a lot of space in the picture and remember that landscape format images are comfortable for the eye to read.

• Instagram and selfies has rubbed off, images that are authentic and not so advertising intense work particularly well.

• Make use of pictures showing contrasts in color or motif.

• Don't be uniform! Try not to look like everyone else, do something unexpected that stands out. Look at what your competitors are doing, and then try to do the opposite.

If you would like some more tips, let our image selection inspire you. We have selected images that generally do well in digital channels. Enjoy!