INSPIRATION Digital Marketing in three minutes
Digitalization will impact everything we know. It means following, evolving and reinventing themselves and their business in order to have a chance of surviving. Sound overwhelming? Take three minutes to check out our interview with the inspirational Arash Gilan!
About Arash Gilan
Arash Gilan is a frequent lecturer, both nationally and internationally on the subject of digital media, trends and marketing. Mr. Gilan is co-founder and vice president of one of the Nordic region's largest digital agencies, Viva Media Group.
He is one of six Google Agency Coaches in Europe, and has trained agencies in 12 countries on how to build a successful company.
Hi Arash! What does the concept of digital marketing really mean?
"Online marketing, e-marketing or digital marketing, as it is called these days, are the common labels for web based marketing."
"Overall, wherever you find digital web there will also be digital marketing, in purchased or un-purchased form. The exception is, of course, the services we pay to avoid advertising. And the old adage still applies - if you are not seen you do not exist! Simply put, digital marketing means to reach out with messages, and to reach market objectives through digital channels."
How do you see current ad fatigue in relation to digital marketing?  
"As more and more things become digitalized, true feelings and experiences become increasingly more important. The more digital we become, the more important the "human factor" is, for that is precisely the feelings that today's digitalization cannot really provide."  

"We need human interaction to get the big picture of our experiences. Therefore, I believe that the customer experience is becoming more important than the latest new and cool products."
"Marketing is becoming increasingly focused on the customer experience, and brands need to be reset to reach and meet the needs, habits and values that the new generation has. How much do you think about the digital customer experience? We need to use data and intelligence to know as much as possible, to quickly make the right decisions, but also add the feeling of the old form of marketing or leadership."
Despite banner blindness and ad blockers, web advertisements still live on. What is the recipe for a successful digital ad?  
"People don't generally have a problem with good, data driven content advertising. The problem is that the media and news sites today have too many ads and more ads
are created without data-driven precision. It becomes spam."
"An example of this is when I was visiting a news site where I read an emotional story about the refugee disaster. While I was reading, I was greeted by a large ad from a gaming site that flashed in all sorts of cheerful colors. The user experience was zero, and as a user, it is inevitably irritating."  
What could have been done instead?
"Well, think about if at the end of the article there was instead a well thought out ad from a relief organization. Data-driven decisions can create smart ads that convert and deliver results. My best advice is to consider the ad environment you move in, make use of re-marketing to help you reach people who visited your website, and have a clear ad with a clear offer."  

"Last but not least, make sure the traffic from the banners lead to a site that can actually convert to results."  

Don't miss Part 2 of the digital marketing article coming in June. You'll get advice on how to practically create digital marketing that gets results. How do you get noticed, and what role do pictures play in digital marketing?
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